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Law Enforcement United is a grassroots organization directed and managed entirely by volunteers; we have no paid staff.   We are committed to these values and complete transparency for our members, supporters, donors and the beneficiaries we serve. We realize there are so many great non-profit organizations and causes out there, and some not so great.  We believe we are one of the great ones that you can trust and be confident is serving the cause we have declared as our mission! We know you work hard for your money and we rely on your generosity, donations large and small, to ensure we can support our beneficiaries and our programs.


We are grateful to our long time supporters and sponsors; however even if you are just considering us for a one-time charitable contribution, we truly appreciate you making the time to get to know us! 

As such, below we have featured links to several federal documents, and invite you to review them.   

IRS Form 990 (2020)

Return of organization exempt from income tax. Filed 12/15/21.

IRS Form W-9

Request for Taxpayer

Identification Number and Certification.

Determination Letter

IRS Tax Identification Number & letter declaring the organization exempt from federal income tax.

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